Welcome to the Primary Department of
the British Overseas School

The British Overseas School has been welcoming new students since 1958. It has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading primary schools in Karachi: places are highly sought after and the turnover of students is low. Happily our teachers appear to feel the same way, and our children benefit from a stable teaching community of qualified and experienced staff.

Over many years the school has built a reputation for developing confident and happy young people. We work hard to ensure that children are given opportunities to ‘grow’ throughout their years in the school.

We believe children should have the confidence to feed their enquiring minds by asking questions. We believe that they should have the time to discuss and consider issues in order to develop opinions of their own. We believe that they should have the space to make decisions and choices. We believe that they should feel safe enough to take risks, to make mistakes and to learn from them.

To transform these beliefs into the reality of every day at school demands an environment that is safe and secure: free of bullying, free of labels and free of prejudice. However, freedoms bring obligations and we expect children to work hard in a structured environment in which they respect their teachers and classmates, in which good behaviour is given a high priority and in which they learn that doing things the right way is more rewarding than doing things the easiest way.

‘Doing things the right way’ is related to the challenges that we offer children. We have high expectations of all of our children and demand high standards of them. We believe that children are capable of achieving so much, even at young ages. With our support and the security that comes from a constructive environment, children can cope with, and ultimately welcome, those feelings of uncertainty and apprehension that come with tasks that seem beyond them. They understand that ‘the wobbles’ are a step to mastering riding the bicycle; and that we are not going to let them fall.

Such challenges occur every day at the BOS: in the classroom, on the stage or the playing field. That what they do is important. School websites often talk of academic and personal development as if they are entirely separable, each requiring its own distinct strategies. At the BOS we believe that they run hand-in-hand. A sense of responsibility, leadership and team work skills, consideration of others, communication skills (speaking and listening) and, especially, independence and ownership of their own performance are all developed in class and at break time; in sports and through drama; in group projects and individually.

We believe that the BOS is a place in which children can and do flourish. We take it as a great compliment when parents, past, present and prospective, say, as they often do, “it’s easy to tell when a child has been to the BOS.”We are pleased that so many of our children stand out for their manners, character, and values, which the BOS has helped to develop.