The Enrichment Programme

We aim to help our students develop the skills, attitudes and moral values that they need to take up their positions as active and responsible members of the wider community. Such development takes place both inside and outside the classroom and this informs our view that nothing is ‘extra-curricular’. Class time, break time, lunch time, sports and social events all contribute to student development. Activities include: membership of the Prefect and Student Council teams, participation in assemblies and Key Stage productions, community service, participation in events such as inter-house Sports Days, Melas and those run by the PTA and a wide range of trips and visits.

Additionally, we have created a broad programme of enrichment activities designed to enhance confidence and determination; communication and interaction; leadership and teamwork skills.

When we report on student progress we ensure that aspects of personal development are always included.

The Enrichment Activities Programme

The aim of the Enrichment Activities Programme is to provide as wide and varied a range of activities as possible in order to help our students to explore new skills, rediscover old ones, make new friends, get fitter and healthier and, above all, find enjoyment and fulfillment outside of the everyday school curriculum. They are also important vehicles for helping children to develop their personal skills of punctuality, independence, organisation and commitment.

The programme is open to children from Reception upwards. A diverse range of activities is offered each term and these are taught by members of the teaching staff, volunteer parents and skilled, outside providers. The activities include a range of sports, art and craft, needlework, cookery, singing and a variety of instruments.

Before the programme begins, the children take home a booklet describing the various activities available, together with details of age range and fees, where applicable. The booklet contains a form that must be completed by the parents and returned to the Enrichment Coordinator on the designated date. The children are then allocated to their chosen activities or, if these are oversubscribed, are invited to select alternatives. The children are expected to demonstrate commitment for the duration of the programme, and attendance registers are kept for each activity.