Higher Education Advancement Programme

All of our students join us with the intention of progressing, not only to university, but to the most renowned universities and most competitive course. For the vast majority of our students, this means higher education overseas: the UK, the United States and Canada being the most popular destinations.

It is with these ambitions in mind that we have designed our Higher Education Advancement Programme. Led by Ms Minhal Malik, our Higher Education Counsellor, this programme cuts across subject boundaries and year group divisions, to ensure that our students are building a profile and developing ambitions that reflect their ability.

Without overtly focusing on university applications, the Programme begins in Year 7 with our course in General Studies and Well-being, which continues throughout Key Stage 3.

In Year 9 we begin to work with students on their university ambitions. Students establish their goals in terms of subjects for study and possible locations for study. Using the planning skills developed in Years 7 and 8, they lay down a time line and identify key tasks to be completed along the road to their university applications. From this planning process are derived possible intern and externships, along with suitable community service projects for students to pursue.

Throughout this time, students are encouraged to maintain records of all of their academic and enrichment achievements, as well as to keep a diary of their thoughts and emotions.

Academic evidence such as reports and effort and attainment grades are compiled to create transcripts for those students intending to apply to American or Canadian universities.

All of this material provides the basis for their applications. It is tailored to suit the courses, universities and countries that each student chooses. We ensure that all choices are thoroughly researched and match the needs of the students.

The programme of activities continues throughout Key Stage 4, whilst the students prepare for their GCSE examinations; just as it does during Year 12 as students prepare for their AS examinations.

Applications are prepared and presented whilst students are in the Sixth Form. These are followed by intensive practice for those students expecting to be called for interview.