‘A’ Level Results

My point about success never being guaranteed is illustrated by this year’s A Level grades.  The past three years had seen us reach a pleasing level of consistency in terms of A level grades.  These provided a base from which we hoped to progress to still higher levels of achievement in terms of A*-B grades.  Unfortunately, this year, our A*-C percentage is stable but our proportion of higher grades has declined.       

A*-B A*-C
13% 40%
48% 81%
71% 92%
70% 93%
67% 83%
44% 81%

Of course, with only 8 candidates (our smallest cohort for 5 years) it is very easy for overall grade percentages to fluctuate significantly.  And, in doing so they hide success stories.  I would like to congratulate Hassan Rao (AAAB), Taimur Haleem (AAC) and Ali Faruque (BBB) for performing so well this year.  All three are taking gap years as they apply to universities in the UK and Pakistan.

If our results remind us of anything this year, it should be that A Levels are significantly more difficult than GCSEs.  They require sustained commitment and cannot be overcome by last-minute cramming.  Students who achieve outstanding grades at GCSE level will do so at A level if they grasp the step-up in difficulty and respond to it with determination and resilience throughout the year.