Physical Education

Physical education helps children develop physical competence and confidence. The focus is to foster a positive and healthy attitude towards sport and general fitness at an early age.

In the Early Years, physical activity is extremely important to help children understand their bodies, what they can do and how they can be controlled.  It encourages the development of their gross motor skills.  As part of their activities children run and jump, catch and throw, etc, but they also take part in yoga activities to help them to stretch their bodies as well as to relax. 

As children grow older, the emphasis moves towards sports and games.  Children learn rules and skills and they practise.  However, team games also give opportunities for children to develop their leadership and team-building skills - team games help to build character.

The importance of games and sports is reinforced by a wide range of enrichment activities that take place after school, as well as school teams for popular sports such as basketball, cricket and football.  Membership of a team requires commitment.  Children are selected through try-outs and are expected to attend practice sessions and to participate in competitions and tournaments.