Economics is the study of choices that individuals and society will make and have to make in the future. It is generally associated with issues such as globalization, inflation, unemployment, stock market, labour market and Economic growth. Economist predict the future based on models which have been constructed to explain the real world, the most well known being demand and supply. An understanding of the language and concepts of Economics can give you an edge.

Course Requirements

The minimum to start an advanced level course in Economics is a grade C in Mathematics and English. If you have not studied GCSE Economics you are still welcome to take AS.

Course Description and method of assessment

Assessment is by examination.

AS Examined Units

  • Markets- how they work and why they fail
  • Managing the economy

A2 Examined Unit

  • Industrial economics
  • The Global economy and the UK.

What you can expect from the course

  • Develop and understand Economic terms and concepts;
  • Understand how different markets work and the problems they face.
  • Learn about the cause and costs of growth for developed and developing economies.
  • Help you analyse government’s micro and macroeconomic objectives.
  • Equip you with knowledge that will help you become a more responsible and effective member to the society.