The Sixth Form
(Key Stage 5: Years 12 and 13)

Key Stage 5 is better known as the Sixth Form. The fact that it is the bridge between school and university gives it a flavour of its own. And everything we do in the Sixth Form is designed to ease our student's transition from school to their first choice universities.

At the BOS we focus on traditional, highly respected and highly valued A Level subjects. This results in a demanding academic programme that reflects the highly competitive nature of university admissions. Our staff are available to advise on the combination of subjects to best suit individual needs. The A Level subjects available are

Biology Mathematics English Literature French
Chemistry Further Mathematics History  
Physics Economics Geography  

Students study a minimum of four A Levels in the first year (Lower VI) and then continue with at least three of these in the second year (Upper Sixth).

All sixth formers take General Studies in the Lower VI in order to continue the development of their general knowledge and overall skill base.

Most Sixth Form students will not have full timetables. However, non-contact time should not be considered 'free periods'. At this level, students are expected to begin to work independently and to take responsibility for their own work habits. So, students are expected to make full use of their non-contact time. At times this will be through private study in the library; at others it will means being out of school to follow internships or to take part in community service.

Of course we offer, and expect, high academic standards, but preparation for university entrance extends far beyond A Levels.

Our student's academic, enrichment and community service activities are all guided by our Head of Sixth Form and our Higher Education Counsellor, Ms Minhal Malik. Via our innovative and exciting Higher Education Advancement Programme, we ensure that all of our students build a strong profile that reflects their abilities and is attractive to their first choice universities. With our help, our students have already begun to establish an enviable record of university placements.