General Studies

Academically the students are being prepared for an AS-level Cambridge exam which will critique their analytical and essay writing skills within the context of three different areas of study -

  • Structures of knowledge - systems of government, education, economics, politics, the role of history in international conflicts, and their impact on the individual as a global citizen.
  • The impact of science and technology; especially environmental concerns.
  • The role of traditions in family and culture, music, art, architecture, books, media, advertising and more.

Written communication skills such as -

Process of proper note taking, research via internet and books, sourcing material and then, writing reflective analytical essays that show mastery over thesis, definition, parameters, overarching points, antithesis and synthesis/conclusion.

Practical skills such as -

Creating resumes, preparing for interviews, generating confidence in public speaking, debates, elocution and presentation; as well as active learning in different leadership modules; and various steps students can take to create a greater mental resilience in tackling higher level concepts. How to break down complex problems into doable parts; striving for ‘excellence’ on a daily basis.

Philosophical framework -

Use it as a forum to tackle notions about truth, justice, beauty, time, power and more - using primary source readings from Descartes, Plato, Kant, Ibn Arabi, Sun Tzu etc.

Global citizenship in action -

Use the framework of Model United Nations to teach students how to research areas of international focus, outline the history of a problem e.g. child labor as defined by UNICEF, outline bloc positions and country stance, and negotiate within caucus sessions, culminating in a BOS mock conference in spring to generate proposals and new resolutions.