Art and Design in Key Stage 4

  • an understanding of past and contemporary Art and Design
  • a working knowledge of materials, practices and technology
  • the skills to investigate, analyse and experiment using Art, Craft and Design
  • the student’s imaginative powers and ability to express ideas, feelings and meanings
  • an understanding of the language and conventions of Art and Design

Coursework and Exam

controlled assessment coursework 40% exam 60%
  • The controlled assessment comprises of a 20 hour preparatory period followed by 45 hours of coursework.
  • The exam comprises of a 20 hour preparatory period followed by a 10 hour exam (carried out over several days).
  • For the controlled assessment and for the exam students have to explore a theme that leads to a final piece of work. A theme is a broad title (eg. Change, Structures) that allows students to pursue their own areas of interest.
  • Evidence of their exploration is presented in a work journal and is worth 75% of the marks

Approximate Time Frame

Year 10
Year 11
Term 1 Lessons Term 1 Controlled Assessment
Term 2 Lessons Term 2 Exam preparation
Term 3 Preparatory period Term 3 Exam preparation Exam