The Humanities in Key Stage 3

Each year pupils study 6 topics; 2 History, 2 Geography and 2 RE topics. History is studies chronologically with 3 British, 2 World and 1 European topic. In Geography, equal balance is given to the study of ‘human’ and ‘physical’ geography. In Religious Studies, students will spend an equal amount of time on each of the six major world religions. For example: in ‘Messages’ the study will focus of Buddhism and Christianity and in ‘People and Prayer’ on Islam and Hinduism.

  History Geography Religious Studies
Year 7 Medieval Realms,
Islamic civilisations
Places and maps
People and prayer
Year 8 The making of the UK,
The French Revolution
Employment and Europe
Year 9 Britain 1750-1900,
20th Century world
Developing and developed world, Hazards World Religions