Established in 1958, the British Overseas School is a not-for-profit institution. All parents, along with members of the UK Association of Pakistan (UKAP) are members of the British Overseas School Association.

The School has a Board of governance comprising of ex-officio members, including the Principal, the British Deputy High commissioner, the Director of the British Council and the Chair of UKAP; elected parent representatives and co-opted members from the wider community.

List of current Board members:

Chairman Trustee/Ex-officio Mr Mohammed Rajpar
Treasurer Co-opted Mr Ali Uddin Ahmed
Trustee Ex-officio Mr Tanveer Makhdumi
Trustee Ex-officio Mr Shahzad Dada
Trustee Ex-officio Mrs Aliya Habib
Trustee Ex-officio Mr Iftikhar Shirazi
Principal Ex-officio Mr Andrew Williams
British Deputy High Commissioner Ex-officio Ms Belinda Lewis
Director of the British Council Ex-officio Mr Christopher Hunt
Chair of UKAP Ex-officio Vacant
Parent Representative Elected by BOSA Mr Muhammed Amin
Parent Representative Elected by BOSA Mr Rizwan Feroz
Community Representative Co-opted Mr Mehmood Mandviwalla
Community Representative Co-opted Mr Fahim Inaam
Community Representative Co-opted Mr Ruhail Muhammed

The role of the Board is strategic. School evaluations are performed regularly and serve as the basis for the planning and the strategic development of the School.