Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)

Alongside academic development, we take opportunities to develop the character of our children. The main aims of SMSC is to encourage children to understand their own beliefs as well as those of others; to understand the difference between right and wrong; to appreciate and show tolerance and respect for people from diverse cultural backgrounds and with different views; as well as to understand and celebrate the cultural influences that have shaped their own heritage.

For the most part, we do this not through specific classes but by addressing subjects or issues as they arise. In the classroom, discussions can take place during circle time, form time or regular teaching. In addition, children have the opportunity to participate in the student council, undertake charitable work, compete in sports and perform in varied cultural activities.

By the end of Key Stage 1 most children will be able to; retell religious stories; identify some religious beliefs, teachings and practices and know some are characteristic of more than one religion; suggest meanings in religious symbols, language and stories.