ICT (Information & Communication Technology)

Our curriculum recognises the ever increasing importance of ICT within everyday life. Whilst the focus of ICT centres around the use of computers, it also encompasses areas such as music, television and video. ICT is not just about having the skills to use a computer and an integral part of our curriculum includes developing your child's ability to evaluate how useful ICT is in any given situation.

The curriculum we offer seeks not only to develop each child's skills in using computers but an awareness of the importance of how we select and prepare the information they hold. Children from an early age will use the latest educational software from the UK and USA to manipulate this information; whether writing a simple sentence or creating spreadsheets of numerical data. Whilst key ICT skills will be taught in the Primary Computer Laboratory, the children will also have access to these facilities to enhance their learning in other areas of the curriculum such as History, Art and Science.