Art and Design

Art and Design at the British Overseas School is far more than painting and drawing.

In Key Stage 1 children develop their creativity and imagination by exploring how things feel, smell and taste in addition to what they look like. They learn about how art is used in the world around them; particularly drawing upon the rich cultural resources of Pakistan. The children begin to understand how colour, shapes, space, pattern and texture can be used to represent their ideas and feelings.

As they move on to Key Stage 2 the children engage in more complex activities; building their skills to use a variety of materials, tools and techniques. They are encouraged to think about how art has been used by people at different times and in different cultures, and they take part in educational visits to gain visual stimulus for their work.

Children also have the opportunity in the Primary Years to use the excellent specialist art facilities provided for our Secondary children, and staff are able to draw upon the expertise of specialist staff in planning and delivering stimulating activities.