Curriculum Overview

The British Overseas School is an independent school in Pakistan.  Therefore, we use the National Curriculum of England and Wales as a framework around which to base our teaching and learning; however, we adjust that curriculum to take account of the local environment as well as our own expectations.

The section of this website relating to Teaching and Learning explains the structural ways in which the BOS departs from the National Curriculum (NC).  For example, Year 6 has migrated into the secondary school, which is uncommon for the UK, but less so in Pakistan.

At another level we adjust the curriculum to take into account local circumstances by including Urdu as an additional modern language – in addition to French. 

More profoundly, we set our own expectations for the children.  The standards established by the UK government are intended for government schools and compulsory education; hence they cater to a wide range of abilities.  The BOS is a selective school and we expect our students to perform beyond the UK average or norm.

Given our high expectations of children, our classes are often accelerated when compared to the UK government equivalent, the content is often more demanding and children’s achievements are usually higher.

The BOS curriculum is built around the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science.  Around this core children study French, Urdu, Music and PE.  The arts and humanities are not taught separately, but in a cross-curricular manner using the International Primary Curriculum.   

The following pages explain in more detail how each different curriculum area is organised.